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Tracers.io offers business owners and managers the ability to monitor site-safety with real-time worker-generated injury, incident, and hazard alerts. This is accomplished by detailing user paths along with functionalities through the use of integration with 3rd party systems.

Real-time worksite visibility addresses several key tracking control components providing worker location by zone & floor, the ability to optimize equipment utilization & the monitoring of operators, and the capability to identify workers in specific areas of interest, no-go zones, and confined spaces.

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This solution needed to provide companies with a site safety tool that utilized a real-time tracking system with the ability to drill down a search on a company, zones, trades, and workers. This tracking system necessitated the use of a wireless interface allowing for mobility.

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Content Active created the Tracers real-time activity solution which uses IoT sensors such as GPS, temperature and fall detection, along with LaRaWAN, and possesses the ability to drill down a search on a company, zones, trades. A GPS motion map offers an array of functions to increase workplace safety, risk and management.   

  • People & Asset Search for turning on and off zonesZone Edge Detection to detect when people are entering or leaving zones
  • Zones Management allows for creating, defining and selecting zones identifies
  • Alerts and customizations create a personal visualization
  • Map Management feature permits zoom views and an option to focus on a specific area by name, address or geo location
  • People and Asset Data, where details of people and assets can be viewed with just a clickSimulator / Data Generator which can generate random people and assets on the map and create people paths

Wi-Fi interface, Ethernet port and USB host port provide flexible methods for users to connect their sensor networks to the internet. Through the use of a wearable device, the wireless router allows users to send data and reach extremely long ranges


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