ContentActive’s ePollbook and Waittime Solution Crushes Records with Harris County Massive Early Voter Turnout

HOUSTON, Texas – ContentActive, LLC (ContentActive,, the leader in next-generation Internet and mobile software solutions and the provider of the ePollbook and Waittimes apps for Harris County saw amazing performance supporting the county wide election process to doubling previous records with 128,000 walk-in voters and over 40,000 mail-in ballots in the first day and over 100k walk-in voters on the second day of early voting. The previous first days record was 66,000 walk-in voters and 20,000 mail-in ballots.

ContentActive’s ePollbook Voter Registration and Check-In system for Harris County provides a convenient and secure voter check-in solution utilizing barcode scanning technology used to scan drivers’ license for the voters of Harris County. For the 2020 Election, the ePollbook, voters can go to ANY location county wide and vote.

“This solution helped shattered early voting records by providing many safeguards to ensure the system is safe and allows voters to vote in any polling location county wide.” said Brian Gaubert, founder and CEO of ContentActive.

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ContentActive is one of the country’s leaders in the next generation of web effectiveness. It has served the technology communications market across web or mobile platforms to help clients generate leads, increase brand impressions, make purchases, donations or participation. ContentActive has served the technology communications market in the areas of content management, intranets, extranets, payment solutions and hosting since 2000 and mobility and search since January 2009.

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