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Houston Business Owner Pivots from Economic Loss to Helping the Community Get Back to Work Safely

Houston Business Owner Pivots from Economic Loss to Helping the Community Get Back to Work Safely

ContentActive releases CheckIns for Business app that protects companies as they reopen their doors.

May 20, 2020

HOUSTON, Texas – CheckIns.app, LLC (https://CheckIns.app)  a division of ContentActive, LLC (https://ContentActive.com), the leader in next-generation web technology and mobile software development, has released CheckIns for Business (https://business.checkins.app)an app that allows businesses to safely and securely get back to work. Utilizing a no-touch check-in solution, employees and guests simply scan their driver’s license and fill out questions from their smartphones, including current temperature, to give the app real-time reporting and analytics by location, date and time.

“Like many other companies, ContentActive felt the economic downturn. However, when business slowed down, we wanted to take this time and help our community,” said Brian Gaubert, founder and CEO of ContentActive and CheckIns. “Owners need to know their employees and customers are safe when back in the office. They also want to feel protected that they are not taking on unnecessary liability. That’s what CheckIns for Business gives them: security.”

As Texas enters Phase 2 of reopening and many offices are bringing back employees and guests, CheckIns for Business decreases the chance of coronavirus transmissions and removes the liability from the owner. The app follows the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s back-to-work best practices guidelines. CheckIns for Business launched May 7 and is recording about 1,500 check-ins weekly.

“I sleep better at night knowing that my employees are working in a safe environment and that we have the ability as owners to review the record of everyone entering our facilities,” said Jason Arcemont, CFO of Wildcat PPE, a company that transformed its business from the fabrication of specialty vehicles and custom electric cable solutions to making personal protective equipment gowns for front-line workers.

Business owners can review the app’s secure back-office portal to visualize all check-ins in one place. Support for multilocation businesses and franchises allows managers to oversee vital information through graphs and charts along with a powerful search to drill into specific details. If thresholds are exceeded, HR will get a notification.

CheckIns specializes in app creation and development. With its additional time, infrastructure and resources in developing high-end and robust check-in solutions for the medical and government markets, the creation of CheckIns for Business was an easy transition.

CheckIns for Business is available on the web, iOS and Android on any tablet or smartphone.









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