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Social Media for the Baby Boomer

With the huge role it plays in my day-to-day, I often find myself wondering, ‘How did social media burst on the scene without my joining in at the very beginning?’ Okay, I am in my 50s - but, was I out to lunch?  Was I in the bathroom?  Was I sleeping?  Social media was planned in all of those outlets, but why was I not at the table for the initial strategy sessions?  I engage in social media – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, and my Klout score is over 50.  (Evidently, I’m an influencer!?) I even write a blog on hamburgers!  It appears that I embraced social media at some point, but was a late arrival to the party. 

In 2005, I jumped on the Myspace bandwagon, simply because everyone else I was working with at the time (they were all much younger) had a Myspace page.  To this day, I still don’t fully understand Myspace.  Creating, but not playing, I ignored social media until 2008, when I paid a visit to my best friend and his wife in Dallas – both of whom had Facebook pages.  My visit went something like this: “What’s all the fuss about Facebook”?  “I don’t have time to spend on Facebook.”  “Oh look, you are friends with someone I knew in High School.”  “Let me search for a friend of mine I haven’t seen in years.”  “Who else is on Facebook?”  “Would you mind helping me setup my Facebook page?”  I was defeated – Facebook had won the war - “LIKE”!

Once my obsession with Facebook piqued, I moved toward conquering LinkedIn.  Is this something my “demographic” would embrace as they had other social media?  Who was the LinkedIn audience?

Unlike Facebook, LinkedIn’s focus is “professional” rather than “social”, offering a repository for my resume, showcasing past work experience, achievements, and awards, along with being a networking powerhouse.  While Facebook allows us to engage our current “friends”, I found that, with LinkedIn, there is equal value in seeking out new connections and fostering existing ones.  During my most recent job search, the majority of prospects came as a result of LinkedIn - either connecting with someone at a company I was interested in or from someone reading my LinkedIn profile and asking to connect for the purpose of an interview.  It worked!

LinkedIn is one social media platform that reaches across generations.  College students graduating and embarking on their career paths launch their networking on LinkedIn.  Those looking to advance professionally post their resumes and network as well.   Seasoned professionals with higher goals keep their resumes current on LinkedIn.  Those seeking investors or free- lance opportunities are also major users.  LinkedIn is an outlet for all - regardless of career path, experience, or age-bracket.  That being said, I do have one LinkedIn observation:  Why did my 78 year old retired aunt from Dallas need to connect with me on LinkedIn?  Why does she even need to be on LinkedIn?  Your thoughts?

Social media has helped this baby-boomer stay in touch, stay involved, and stay employed.  In my opinion, I don’t feel inadequate when it comes to navigating this medium – I feel empowered.  The information and interaction is engaging, and has become more of a necessity than a luxury.  I wake up expecting to find messages from friends and loved ones on Facebook.  I anxiously follow the latest trends and market information that only social media can give with just one look.  So, maybe I wasn’t a pioneer with the advent of social media, but I sure look forward to my next “throwback Thursday” post! 

While I seem to have an unforeseen knack for social media in spite of my…dare I say it…age…I know that many of my fellow boomers aren’t as keen on the trend as I am. Where we’re struggling as a generation is in seeing the inherent value of social media in our day to day and large scale marketing toolkits, and the longer we stay stuck in our old ways, the more behind-the-curve we’ll appear to our clients. Where ContentActive comes in here is in creating modern, tailored websites that bring your social media marketing directly to your clients through our sites, making content more vast (three cheers for content creation!) and engaging our modern users. No matter what your age or market, you can’t afford to fall behind when it comes to social media, and ContentActive is here to help you convey your message to even larger audiences with our advanced practices in social media sharing via our responsive websites.

Get In touch today and see how we can help you carry your social media message to your website visitors. We promise, we’ll make it fun, painless, and worth your while!

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